andrea cairoli

"Il Circolo"

Tv Series. 



starring Alessandro Haber, Ivano Marescotti

"Il circolo" - the Club- is a 30 episodes series, 3' length. Inside the changing room of a famous Tennis Club, two old business man spend their time playing tennis and trying to make good investment. The final result is often to loose money and vanish their fortune. Those wrong investment are mixed up with nervous breakdown, love affairs, briefcases packed of money and family tragedy.




“Star Wedding” documentary.



“Star Wedding” documentary.

Valeria Marini

Valeria Marini, one of the famous Icon of the Italian show biz., is organising the most rumoured and expensive wedding of the new century. All the expectation are there. Rai, with a satellite connection to the main TV sunday program, is left outside the Church because nobody can film the ceremony or the final party where a mix of Politicians, Directors, Musicians, Actress are for the first time all mixed up together. We were the only crew that was allowed to film everything, being close to Valeria 24 hours a day during the exciting preparation of the mediation event. What we were able to film is a frame of the italian Dolce Vita, not a fiction one but a true full immersion.